Sports Lighting

Lighting system is designed to allow users to play comfortably while tee-shot and putting, and to make classy play with little difference from the daytime. Design by high illuminance of the green area and the teeing ground. Fairway has also been designed and high uniformity with overall brightness.

The illumination depends on the level of the game to make the game more comfortable. You need an illumination to match game level. Since the gaze is constantly moving during the game, if the unevenness of the illuminance distribution is large, degradation of the viewpoint of the object causes fatigue, so uniformity is important.

In a baseball game, the player’s gaze is directed in all directions from a series of actions such as pitching, batting, and catching. Therefore, the location of the lighting fixture need to place to reach the least amount of light to the player who needs to capture the movement of the ball most accurately, or the player in a fixed position.

The point of designing the tennis court illumination is that it is a relatively close range sport at a maximum speed of 200km/h based on the pro games. Therefore, if the illuminance is not uniform, the ball feels faster than it actually is. If the ball strikes the line, it also causes problems in the judgment. Therefore, both illuminance and uniformity are important.

Stadiums should be illuminated with proper brightness and lighting should not interfere with the view of the athletes and referees.
Maintenance factors usually depend on the light source, transparency, and the age and damage of cover glass.

The location of the lighting in the swimming pool is not only for the player who looking at the ceiling doing the backstroke, but also for the audience and referee due to the reflection of the water. Generally, chlorine-based medicines for disinfection are used in swimming pools, so the lighting fixtures must have a chlorine-resistant coating.

If the uniformity on the slope is bad, it is very difficult to grasp the snow surface when gliding, so a thorough lighting plan is most important so that there is no uneven part. The important point is that design is to recognize the location of obstacles.


When planning the lighting, plan for the location and latitude of the lighting fixtures. When considering only the user, it is appropriate to distribute the lighting equipment to the ceiling or the lighting tower to ensure horizontal surface illumination. Side lighting is required when TV shooting.


Lighting is placed in a position where it is possible to obtain a uniform illumination throughout. In case of a stadium that is focused on the entertainment, secure horizontal illumination with the seats. Accordance with game level Design to enable any level of competition by adding dimming function.

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